Imported Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar / Chin Up Bar / Chinning Bracket With All Fittings(DPU-4)

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Strengthen and tone your chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs, and more. Iron Gym comprised of a retaining bar, a padded crossbar, and two curved handles. The unique design (cantilevered design) distributes downward force so that the stress is not on the door trim/molding on the top of the door, but on the padded bar of the Iron Gym. It easily hangs and can be removed from the door frame in seconds. The durable steel construction holds up to 300 lbs.Equipment supports user weights up to 150kg.


.Made from heavy duty steel with black powder-coated paint.

.Ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more.

.Total Upper Body Workout Bar.

.Easy to assemble, mount on solid wall or wooden beam.

.All fitting included (Steel Screws and Nuts etc).