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KOBO Door Gym 200 Power Tower does offer a large variety of exercises while occupying little floor space.
There are three color-coded cables on each side; each has its own level of resistance: grey is 25 pounds; black is 35 pounds; red is 40 pounds. Two soft handgrips are included and can be linked with carabineers to any cable or multiple cables for higher resistance. Maximum resistance available is 200 pounds.

Linking the carabineers to the cables is fast and simple, and offers a fairly fine range of adjustment. Handgrips can be linked at the top of the unit for exercises pulling downward, or at the bottom of the unit for military press and similar exercises. One pair of ankle straps is also included, and can also be linked to any cable or multiple cables. As with any resistance band system, resistance increases as the bands are stretched; minute resistance changes can be made by moving closer to, or further away from the door. (For some user, the 25-pound cable may not be light enough for difficult exercises, such as the lateral raise.)

Resistance Training on the Body : -

An exercise chart and DVD are included with the unit to provide examples and facilitate workout plans. The chart lacks the detailed instructions included in the DVD. The DVD contains an eleven-minute total body workout; a three-minute mixed martial arts total body workout by Ultimate Fighting champion and three three-minute routines targeting abs, triceps and biceps, and chest and shoulders.

The routines are fast, comprehensive, and ordered to minimize the time take to switch handles between the top and the bottom. The DVD includes some exercise moves not demonstrated in the exercise chart. This Door Gym claims to offer 200 exercises; but this is somewhat of an exaggeration as, for example, one-handed exercises are counted twice, one for each side. That said, the equipment does offer many workout options.

Overall, the KOBO Door Gym 200 Power Tower is a highly versatile and compact system. It’s nicely designed, simple and convenient. It’s highly recommended as a fun and valuable tool to assist users in working multiple muscle groups, as well as isolating and defining muscles not always reached with conventional equipment.

Features : -

• Basic, well-designed resistance band cable system that easily affixes to the user’s door
• Slides onto any home or office door within seconds
• Durable steel frame
• Multi-tension cables provide a total of 200 pounds of resistance
• Supports 200 different exercises
• Free DVD of workout