Kobo Power Weight Lifting Training Gym Straps Exercise Hook Bar With Padded Wrist Support

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Looking at the latest trends in gym equipment KOBO sports has designed the special KOBO gym hook strap to facilitate the athletes. Intended to provide perfect grip while keeping the hands safe from all kinds of injuries, the high-quality KOBO Power Lifting Hook Strap wicks away all the sweat and keep the hands dry and safe. • The gym wrist incorporates anti-microbial properties.

Serious weightlifters know they have to continually lift more to grow in strength and size. kobo Hooks are a great product to isolate your hands from the obvious stresses involved with body building exercises. Whether it be lat pulldowns, chin ups or deadlifts, the Outbak Heavy Duty Liftmaster Hooks will allow you to blast through your strength plateaus.

The heavy-duty metal 2.7” wide hooks coated with a non-slip material, the wrist supports are made with 1/4" thick and 2.8"wide neoprene. The 2" outside strap and durable buckle ensure a secure grip. Padded neoprene wrist strap allow you to hold onto much heavier weights and get more reps. kobo Hooks are an excellent choice for anybody who is serious about building muscle mass. Customize your fit with the adjustable hook positioning loops.

If you’re serious about maximizing your workout results, isn’t it time to get focused on lifting and not gripping?




  • Grip Flex Gel padding for heavy lifting
  • Max-Shock Gel Technology
  • Grip Flex rubber to provide strength
  • Rubber strip provides a no-slip grip
  • Astronomical pull ratings
  • Wrist strap is lined in comfortable cushioned neoprene
  • Sumo-sized wrist Velcro fastener secure around your writs
  • Lifting straps made from heavy duty cotton-based webbing
  • Solid steel hooks coated with non slip material
  • Reinforced power-lifter straps
  • Neoprene wrist protection
  • Velcro fastening
  • Comes as a pair
  • One size fit all