Ab Care Slider and Roller Rocket King Pro Fitness for Home Gym

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The Ab Slider is a piece of exercising equipment which advertisements claim targets the lower and upper abdominals, waistline, oblique's, back, shoulders, chest, and arms. The machine is made of mainly plastic with two padded metal bars for your hands. To use the Ab Slide, push the bars forward and then pull backward on them. The resistance created as you push the bar will workout the muscles in your midsection. The Ab Slider with the Power Assist Technology gives you maximum effectiveness without exhausting your body in lesser time. The Ab Exerciser is an effective workout tool that works on your abdominal muscles and waistline and help in reducing your side tyres.The Ab Slide works on the concept called spot reduction, that claim that exercising on any one area of your body will exceptionally reduce the fat accumulation in that particular area. Provides Upper Body Workout. Eliminates Stress on Joints.


. Power Assist Technology.

.Works on Abdomen and Waistline.

.Portable and Lightweight. With Bi-directional and Adjustable Resistance.

.Provides Upper Body Workout. Eliminates Stress on Joints.