Kobo 15 Kg Adjustable Weighted Vest PRO Unisex for Fitness Workouts / Taining Gym Vest (Imported)

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The Kobo 15 Kg Fitness Adjustable Weighted Vest is an excellent tool to help add resistance to your workout, whether it be for aerobics, sports conditioning, or training for military, fire-rescue or law enforcement. Weighted vests have become popular tools to help lose weight, build endurance, gain muscle strength and improve cardiovascular conditioning more efficiently. Weights are included with this set in the form of sand-filled pouches, weights that are easy to insert or remove. These weights make it easy to increase or decrease the weight of the vest for customizability. The fully adjustable closures enable this vest to fit most adults comfortably, while maintaining a snug and secure fit to avoid chafing. The vest itself is flexible enough for use with a variety of different exercises, including jogging, hikinh, pull-ups, push-ups, triceps dips, squats, lunges and many more. The vest itself is designed with evenly distributed weight pouches to ensure a measured workout for each targeted muscle. The vest is made to be able to fit under large sweatshirts if necessary. The removable sand-filled weights make it possible to continually increase the resistance over time. This weighted vest also has reflective trim for safer running or jogging at night or in low visibility conditions.