Kobo 2.5 Kg (51 mm) Olympic Barbell Fitness Premium Quality Rubber Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate & Integrated Metal Grip Rubber Weight Plates - Sold in Pairs (2.5 Kg x 2 = 5 Kg) (Imported)

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(Kobo 2.5 Kg x 2 Pieces = 5 Kg) Customers describe Kobo Olympic Plate Weights as exceptional. These high quality cast iron plates are hand crafted and inspected. A tough, premium rubber casing made from virgin and recycled rubber covers each plate. The recessed tri-grip handles have spacious openings fitting comfortably in the hand, are rounded with integrated finger slots and slotted for easy loading and offloading. The weight numbers are molded into each plate. The solid steel precision hub ensures a perfect fit on Olympic bars. It is no secret...Kobo plate weights are higher quality. To reduce costs, all of our plate weights are sold and shipped in pairs.