Kobo 360 Dual Action/Multi-Direction Stride Air Walker Elliptical Glider Step Machine

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  1. 36 Inch full range of motion Stride length to increase calorie burn and weight loss.
  2. Individual 180 degree range of motion leg exercises.
  3. Dual action arms provide upper body workout.
  4. 120 kg weight capacity and height range of 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet.
  5. Folds for storage to 1/2 the set up Dimensions.
  6. The Kobo 360 Air Walker is the solution for burning fat, toning and shaping your legs and increasing your flexibility. Unlike bikes or treadmills, which allow movement in one direction, the ball and joint design lets you build strength and flexibility in any direction. Striding off the ground means less impact on the joints. The strong steel frame supports 300 lbs with a small footprint of only 21 inches by 30 inches.