Kobo 3682 Wrist Support Free Size (Black), (1 Piece)

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There's every chance you could injure yourself in your training sessions, so a firm support for the vulnerable areas of your body is essential. That's where the Kobo wrist support comes in.

Made from the best neoprene, which offers the best heat retention and maximum compression, the Kobo wrist support takes the tension of the wrist and offers support to a very injury-prone area of the body. The support is designed with both comfort and utility in mind, with the support being of universal size.

This piece is made from a very durable stretchable fabric that gives the wearer some comfort while still offering maximum compression and a snug fit. You won't have to worry about the support loosening itself as the strap closure is attached to quality Velcro that allows for precise positioning and fitting.

Minimizes damage to the wrist---
Quality Velcro that ensures the strap stays in place---
Strap closure that allows for precise positioning---. It provides firm Support to Wrist: The wristband firmly holds on to your wrist, supporting and assisting your muscles and bones while you lift those heavy weights.

Prevents and Minimizes Damages of Wrist Fractures: The extra protection accorded by Nivia prevents and minimizes damages and wrist fractures.

For Heavy Workouts: The wrist support is specifically designed to help in reducing the pressure on your wrists.
Universal size---
Can be used both for fitness and general purposes---
Durable lightweight material---