Kobo 4 Meter Power Rope Swing Rope for Cardio Training Cross Fitness Climbing and Functional Training (Imported)

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Kobo 4 Meter Sturdy swing rope for horizontal and vertical training.

Natural hemp fibers for optimum grip - rope ends coated with plastic shrink hose.

Sturdy steel hook for secure mounting, for example at the ceiling.

Whether horizontal or vertical, with the Power Rope from Kobo, you've
got an all-round training device. Swing ropes are simple, yet a very versatile
fitness equipment that will quickly bring your entire body into top shape. Since the
exercises are very easy to implement, they are suitable for professionals as well as
beginners alike. The swing rope is fixed in the middle at a light tension during the
very common horizontal exercise. Then the two ends are being swung rhythmically using
the arms, in order to achieve uniform waves. After a short period of time the Power
Rope will have you sweat as it trains the entire body: strength and stamina, upper
body, trunk muscles and legs will get into gear. Based on how uniform the wave
movements are, each user can judge well whether the exercise is carried out correctly.

The variety of variation and swinging techniques guarantee long-lasting and varied
fitness fun. Even the garden or the next city park as a training ground
are completely sufficient.

The special highlight of the Kobo Power Ropes, however, is its stable
and particularly strong steel bracket, which makes it easy to hook into a ceiling
holding. No matter how and where the rope is being attached, its robust steel hook
provides an optimal grip during all exercises. As a result, completely new dimensions
of exercising are opening up. Use the Power Rope as a climbing rope or perform
your swing exercises in vertical position. The 3.8 cm thick, three-ply rope made of
natural hemp fibers guarantees optimal grip - whether you use ut climbing up, use it
as swing rope or as a team rope for tug of war.