Kobo 5 Kg Training - Medicine Ball / Slam Ball with Easy-Grip Textured Surface and Ultra-Durable Rubber Shell (Imported)

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Description :
 As A Unique And Practical Alternative To Bulky Fitness Equipment, Kobo Medicine Ball Is A Dynamic Training Tool For Any Workout. Great For Plyometrics, Performance Training, Yoga, Pilates And Sports Therapy, This Medicine Ball Will Help You Build And Tone Muscle Mass For A Strong And Healthy Body. Any Number Of Exercises Can Be Performed To Strengthen And Condition Your Legs, Chest, Arms And Back. The Durable Construction Is Equipped With A Rubber Surface For A Solid Grip Throughout Your Workout.

Specification :
Color: Black / Yellow.
Material: Rubber.
Weight: 5 Kg.
Package Includes: 1 X Weighted Medicine Ball.