Kobo 6 Kg Sledge Hammer / Gym Hammer / Sledgehammer Functional Training Cross fitness No Joints, One Piece Welded With Machine Knurled For Easy Grip (Imported)

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With this 6 Kg Kobo Sledge Hammer you can now train with intensity, brutality and functionality the old-school way. This style of training has many benefits, chief among them developing core strength and enhanced grip and forearm strength. The Kobo Sledge Hammer is typically used in Functional Training style workouts, with the athlete repeatedly smashing down the hammer into a tyre as hard as they can. The Kobo Sledge Hammer is a great way to improve the ability to maintain explosive power. Constructed from a single piece of steel this ensures maximum durability. All you need is this Kobo Sledgehammer / Suggestion Hammer and a larger truck or tractor. Truck or tractor Pneus you get mostly free of charge in an old tire disposal. Or ask a farmer or a truck workshop - they are usually happy when someone takes an old tire and they do not have to dispose of it.

Specifications :
Material: Complete Steel Construction.
Weight: 6 Kg