Kobo Abdominal Care King Home Gym Ab Exerciser Exercise & Fitness

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Ab care focuses on the abdominal muscles. They consist of external oblique, internal oblique and transverse abdomens. These muscles act as a protective shield for the internal organs. They support the spine and are very important to form a good posture. Ab care takes care of your core. Working out with this equipment will increase your core stability, by which you will be able to put in the extra effort, while exercising major body parts. Ab care will help you to burn calories while toning your muscles. It features a padded seat and back rest, for comfort and support. The equipment causes dual range of motion, which gives the abdominal muscles a constant work out. Get those fabulous abs with ab care. Please note we do not offer installation services on any fitness equipment.


  • Free vcd of workout exercises on ab care
  • Heavy duty and high quality material used
  • The ab exerciser will keep you comfortable during your workout
  • Ready to use, can be easily stored anywhere
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Ab King