Kobo AC-65 Latex Resistance Tube Band, Set of 3 (Green/Blue/Red)

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Designed for single arm isolation exercises, the Kobo toner resistance band is perfect for at-home workouts, rehabilitation exercises and for mobile personal trainers to use with clients. The durable, double-dipped latex exercise tube provides a moderate amount of resistance to help create a lean, sculpted upper body. The easy-to-use design requires nothing more than body weight to offer a full workout for chest, back, arms and abs. Versatile, compact, lightweight and inexpensive, it’s a convenient tool to add to your fitness regimen.

  • Set of 3 tubes: Contains 3 tubes of green light, blue medium and red heavy resistance.
  • Premium natural latex: Our figure 8 tubes resistance bands are made of 100 percent natural latex and come in 3 resistance levels, from light (8-10lb) to medium (13-15lb) to heavy (17-20lb)
  • Versatility: Our closed-loop figure 8 design are a perfect tool set for stretching, muscles toning, yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, home gym and physical therapy
  • Physical therapy: Our heavy duty tubes work especially well for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and help in recovery from torn mcl and acl, knee replacement and meniscus rehab
  • Anywhere anytime: Our tubes can be easily transported to use wherever you like
  • Tones muscles – strengthens and stretches arms, shoulders, chest, back and lower body from multiple angles
  • Travel-friendly- lightweight design is compact to pack easily for fitness on-the-go
  • Figure 8 design – closed-loop design is great for two-handed exercises or for looping around sturdy objects for unilateral exercises
  • Material: Latex
  • In-Box Contents: 3 Resistance Tube Bands