KOBO Cable Jump Rope / Skipping Rope

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Rope-jumping can promote your circulation system; it consumes the same amount of energy as running. It's a healthy exercise and specially good for heart and body coordination. Furthermore, rope-jumping is effective in protecting against osteoporosis. If you keep this exercising. It can not only accelerate the blood circulating and metabolism, but also burn the fat, frap the muscle and create the perfect posture. Useful jumping rope. Keep now you don't have to count while jumping, this can be checked by reset able counters. Jumping is useful for health.


  • Effective in building endurance, stamina and speed
  • Small, lightweight handles ergonomically designed for balance and speed
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced athletes
  • A bearing cable jump rope that is adjustable
  • It can burn the fat and promote your circulation
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Jump Rope