Kobo CTA-35 Steel Olympic Barbell 9 Bar Holder Vertical Storage Display Rack (Black)

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  1. Holds up to 9 Olympic size barbells - 2-inch diameter.
  2. Made of thick, durable steel, commercial quality.
  3. Each slot is spaced out 5.5-inch apart - enough to easily grab but also be space efficient.
  4. Heavy duty 13 kg weight of stand.
  5. Can hold odd bars, ez curl, trap bars, square bars.
  6. Finely textured sand powder coating.
  7. Efficient way to store all your barbells efficient way to store all your barbells.
  8. Use in commercial gym or home.
  9. Material: Steel.
  10. In-Box Contents: 1 Barbell 9 Bar Holder Vertical Storage Display Rack.
  11. The Kobo fitness Olympic bar holder is the best way to store your dumbbell bars during downtime. If you want to maintain a clean and organized space in your gym or home workout space, simply place your bars inside the provided sleeves and slide them in-- you can safely keep up to nine of your Olympic bars, ez-bars or trap bars off of the floor.