KOBO Cycling Gloves / Weight Lifting Gym Gloves (CG-01)

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  • Rs. 299

KOBO Cycling Gloves / Weight Lifting Gym Gloves for training come as the latest addition to the KOBO Men & Women category which ensure protection and comfort of the hands during workout sessions. The high-quality amara gloves are manufactured as the specialty of the KOBO and thus are perfected to cater to the exercise requirements and efficient outcomes.

  • Pull off system for easy removing
  • High-grade, washable Amara leather
  • Mesh for breath-ability, Proper ventilation
  • Anatomical pad system designed to strengthen the grip
  • Prevent blisters calluses, Promote natural hand movement
  • Highly durable, Breathability, Stretchiness 
  • Anatomical design curved finger design, Cut palm design 
  • High quality dual stitching for enhanced resilience
  • Flexible material on upper side of gloves for breathability and dry skin