Kobo EB-1008 Adjustable Weight Bench

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Powder-coated metal frame with multi-level adjustment options of the seat and back rest. Easy-care black upholstery with pleasant padding. The KOBO SPORTS Compactar weight bench provides the basis for a wide variety of exercises. Ideal for use in combination with a rack in barbell workouts or for free weight training. Of particular advantage is the multi-stage adjustable seat and back rest, which allow not only use as a flat bench, but also a number of settings for sitting and lying positions. Eight notches allow you to adjust the back rest, and three notches are available to adjust the seat, ensuring that the Compactar can be best adapted to your individual needs. The surfaces of the KOBO SPORTS weight bench feature a 6.5 cm thick cushion made of easy-care synthetic leather. This can be easily wiped clean after strenuous exercises. The sturdy metal frame is made of tubular steel and suitable for loads of up to 500 kg. A black powder coating protects the metal against corrosion and scratches, while the wide feet provide a safe stance and help prevent lateral tipping and overturn when training with heavy weights. When flat, the Compactar Plus is ideal for dumbbell training with a height of only 45.5 cm. Two hard rubber rollers at the foot facilitate moving the training bench. Top Features: • Adjustable weight bench for exercises on the rack with barbell or weights • Backrest and seat angle separately adjustable • Ergonomic reclining surface with 6.5 cm thick padding and easy-care leatherette upholstery • With bottom rollers for smooth positioning • Maximum load 500 kg