Kobo Futsal 9.5 Latex Football Goal Keeper Gloves (Blue)

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These kobo futsal gloves with half finger cut are designed for professional and elite goal keepers. The half finger cut (ergo fit) provides a shape which is half finger cut. In this cut seams are inside light weight. Please read size chart before buying gloves. How to clean your gloves : Wash your glove with warm water. Gently squeeze excess water out. Wringing can tear the seam. A mild detergent can be used to help with the smell and really dirty jobs but it is not necessary. How to dry : Never ever, ever accelerate the drying process with the dryers, sun or dehumidifiers. Don't keep in sunny car to bake either. All the above will take the natural moisture out of the gloves causing them to be dry and brittle.

  • Cut: Half finger cut for futsal
  • Palm: German latex palm
  • Back hand: Full 3d embossed German latex
  • Wrist closure: Wrist elastic bandage with adjustable closure German latex strap for perfect wrist support
  • Design: Specially designed for futsal games
  • Easy pull on: Pull on loop makes easy to wear
  • Technology: Anti slip technology and ergonomic fit.
  • Balance performance and durability: Backhand has extra padding to limit the impact force with the ball and the ground
  • Recommended for: Professional and elite keepers
  • Size chart: Please choose the gloves size according to the size chart in the picture, there are the sizes that fit youth and adult players
  • Material: Latex
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Pair Gloves.