Kobo Gym Ball 85 cm foot pump Anti Burst Blue Colour (GB-4)

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A gym ball is an exceptionally versatile fitness training accessory that allows users to do an endless number of exercises for all parts of the body and even helps in rehabilitation. If you are looking for a reliable gym ball, a suitable choice could be this Imported Gym Ball. Functions and Usability This Gym Ball measures 85 cm in diameter and can be used to a number of stretching exercises, pilates and rehabilitative exercises. This inflatable Anti Burst Gym Ball comes with a foot pump that allows you to pump air into the ball with ease. You can easily carry the ball wherever you choose and enjoy a comprehensive workout anytime. The ball can be used by both men and women for training purposes.


.Gym ball for back exercises and posture correction.

.Strengthen your core muscles, your back, arms, legs shoulders and abdomen.

.Working out on the gym ball improves balance and stability.

.Anti-burst 85 cm. gym ball.

.Free Foot Pump.