Kobo Gym Chalk - Gymnastics, Rock Climbing, Power Lifting, Crossfit No Slip, No Moisture Chalk (Imported)

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• Beat Sweat
✓ Chalk is an old trick for beating sweat during gym sessions. Whether you're pushing yourself to the max with heavy lifts, or doing some quick kettlebell repetitions, using chalk will help you beat those sweaty palms. Spreading a layer of chalk over your palms will allow the sweat to be absorbed, giving you dry hands to lift safely.
• Lift Harder
✓ Want to know how to lift harder for longer? Using chalk to keep your hands and palms sweat free allows you to take your gym performance to the next level. When you're lifting, your hands and fingers are usually the first place to lose grip. Chalk allows you to grip for longer, letting you lift heavier and workout for longer.
• Prevent Injuries
✓ Chalk forms a protective layer over your hands. This protective layer prevents you from getting blisters and tears in your hands, which often form after fast and repetitive workout motions. You should reapply a fresh layer after each set, keeping your hands dry and injury free.
• Protect Your Body Form
✓ Losing your grip during heavy lifts means the rest of your body has to compensate in order to make sure you can safely keep holding onto the weight. This means that your joints take all the force of the weight when it should be your muscles. Too much of this compensating action can lead to serious damage to your body. Keep perfect body form during lifts by ensuring that you have a steady grip every time!
• Build More Muscle
✓ Increase grip strength by removing sweat. Gripping heavier weights while performing more sets will build up a much stronger and firmer grip over time, the same way training the bench press will build up the chest, or deadlifts building up the back. If you're able to perform at your maximum without having to worry about your grip you'll be able to lift heavier weights and pack on much more muscle. You'll have a better mind muscle connection on every set which means faster results.