Kobo Health And Yoga Spongy Reflex Ball for Stress Relieving Massage |Spikes for Sensory Stimulation |Suitable for Hand and Body (Imported)

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Relieve tension and muscle pain with KOBO 7 cm Spiky Massage Ball (Hard) The 7 cm hard spiky massage ball is a simple proven multidimensional tool ideal for pressure point type self-massage - perfect for home use and compact enough to carry with you. Gently roll the therapeutic massage ball in a circular or rocking motion, applying your preferred amount of pressure, onto the affected area to increase blood flow, loosen tight knotted muscles and relieve tension. Alternatively place the ball between your back or shoulders and a hard surface eg. floor or a wall again using circular motions. Unlike smooth massage balls the nodules on the KOBO 7 cm hard spiky ball penetrate deep into the muscle area providing strong stimulation and leaving the body feeling energized and refreshed after use. Why Choose the KOBO 7 cm Hard Spiky Massage Ball The 7 cm hard massage ball is a versatile easy to use massager. Easy to clean and store, the spiky massage ball can be used to treat muscular aches pains and discomfort and is widely recommended for use following general accidents and sporting injuries. In addition to general body massage the 66 fit spiky ball may also be used during both Pilates and reflexology as well as with massage oils to heighten the whole therapeutic self-massage experience. Please note this ball is HARD.

.A handy massager to promote relaxation and improve blood circulation.

.Bumpy and spiky surface for sensory stimulation, relaxation of nerves and gentle massage.

.Compress and reflex action helps ease away tension in tendons and muscles throughout the body.

.Beneficial for children and people of all ages; good for every day use

.Made of PVC; Diameter - 7cms.