Kobo Imported S Shape Push Up

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The S Shape Pushup Makes Pushups Easier On The Body By Reducing Strain On The Wrists And Elbows. Hand Grips Allow Your Arms To Twist Naturally During Exercise, Allow Your Muscles To Shape Their Natural And Ensure Your Scapular Muscles, As Well As Larger Muscles Like The Triceps, Deltoids, Pectorals, And Latissimus Are Fully Recruited During The Pushup. Achieve Results Faster, Engage More Muscles, And Put Less Strain On Your Joints By Moving With Your Body'S Natural Rotation.


  • Improves strength in your upper body,arms,legs and stomach.
  • Soft foam grips, comfortable to handle.
  • S shaped, symmetrical design which can be used in three different ways.
  • Foam handle for more comfort
  • Unique design allows a deeper push-up for increase muscle development.