Kobo Inversion Boot Hanging Pull Up Boots Black Anti Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots Therapy Gym Fitness Physio Hang Spine Posture with Comfortable Foam Padding and Safe Locking Clips (Imported)

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Kobo Inversion Boot Description:
If you have experienced these or other issues related to muscle or back pain, you can possibly relieve it and stretch neck, back and shoulder muscles with the fitness gravity boots. Hanging upside down has several benefits, such as stretching muscles, spreading compressed spinal discs apart, and relieving back pain. Padded foam for safety. Very useful fitness assistant for you. What are you waiting for? You are worth it.

- Hang upside down with this pair of boots to help reduce back pain, muscle tightness, and spasms.
- Helps to stretch neck, shoulder muscles and back .
- Relieves fatigue from muscle compression due to cycling, jogging, and other exercises .
- Attaches to almost any chin-up bar .
- Comfortable contoured padding for extra support.

Material: Foam with steel buckle .
Color: Black .
Package Weight: approx. 2.7kg .
Size: approx. 18.7 x 14.2cm / 7.3" x 5.6" (W x H) .
Quantity: 1 Pair (2pcs) .
User Weight Capacity: approx. 110 Kg
Improves posture by counteracting the downward pull of gravity.
Easy to put on and off.
Attaches to almost any chin-up bar.

Package includes:
1 pair of gravity boots