Kobo Magnetic Waist Twister Disc Fitness Massage Round With Hand Ropes Foot Massager

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This body fitness massage round waist twister disc is a very useful product to make body slimmer. The body fitness waist twister can also massage your feet reflex zone to decrease greatly the harmful toxins. This body fitness waist twister is perfect for home or office workouts, making your waist line more beautiful. Ten minutes of exercise a day were free to relax. Dont miss this body fitness massage round waist twister.


. Combines the principles of reflexology, exercise and magnetic therapy to produce an overall effective exercise system.

.This exercise system has a low impact on joints, making it ideal for all ages.

. High level waist twisting device.

. Creates magnetic wave.

. Elegant & fashionable appearance.

. Safe and reliable in using, compact in structure.