Kobo MHG-1002 Multi Home Gym (Grey)

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Kobo Multi Functional Home Gym is a single weight stack machine Designed to provide health club performance comfortably & affordable. It is constructed of heavy gauge , 45mm heavy duty steel tubing and precision welding & has compact foot print for even the smallest room. As the system is simple to use,durable and requires less space for installation,it is suitable for both personal and commercial use. This gym equipment supports multiple exercise functions like chest extension,low pull,rowing,peck-deck,high pull and leg extension,which is necessary for rigorous continuous work-outs. It offer various exercises to build muscles & Gain Endurance . This equipment offers more than 18 exercise options. Perfect for regular gym sessions,this system can be used by everyone irrespective of their age to tone the muscles in the body.Please Note: This product is sold on non-returnable basis. We do not offer installation services on any fitness equipment.Assembly manual inside packaging. Buyer has to assemble himself. A machine used for testing & increasing the strength. Can be used by every one in your Family. Easy to assemble. Buyer has to assemble himslef. Assembly manual inside packaging. .No-Cable-Change Design . Space Saving .

Adjustable weight: 120 lbs (54 kgs approx.) .Best for those who wishes to tone their body With this Multi Home Gym you can perform various Workouts:

.Seated Bench Press .Butterfly (Pac-Deck)

.Lat Pull Back

.Lat Pull Front

.Bentover Pulley

.Leg Extensions

.Leg Curl (Single Leg)

.Triceps Extensions

.Preacher Curl

.Forearm Curl

.Military Press

.Rear Deltoids


.Ab Exercise