Kobo Neoprene 4 Way Elbow Support (Brown) (XL)

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The Kobo Elbow 4 Way Support Sleeve is a comfortable and effective orthopedic designed for pain relief and protection of the elbow and forearm.
Easily applied, these sleeves provide even compression to help increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation, allowing you to go on normally with your day.
The knitted elastic construction stretches to accommodate most forearms, and is extremely soft and accommodating. It  is stretchable upto 2 inches. Available in sizes from Small to Extra Large.
1. Applies compression and protection to elbow joint.
2. 4-Way Stretch Elbow Sleeve, Snug, comfortable feel.
3. Stretchable knitted elastic construction, Open knit elbow for added joint accommodation.
4. Soft, comfortable material won't irritate skin.