Kobo Neoprene 4 Way Knee Support (Brown) (XL)

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  • Rs. 399

The Kobo 4 Way Elastic Knee Support is anatomically designed, and with no seams the elastic support comfortably contours to the shape of your knee. It provides even compression and support to weakened and injured knees. Slip end of support over foot and slide up and over the knee so that the mid-section of the back panel sits directly behind the back of your knee. Available in Sizes from Small to Extra Large. It is stretchable upto 2 inches. It is available in Brown colour. Ideal for knee pain relief following a knee injury or where there is a mild/ moderate arthritis. Ideal of providing mild support to knee cap for stabilisation and protection. Training or competition use in providing compression, protection and support for knee, weak Knee and Strain/Sprain. Recommended by professionals and athletes. Kobo Knee support is a premium quality knee support from one of the leading manufacturers of sports support. Kobo knee supports have contoured one piece design for a comfortable fit, aimed at providing perfect fitting and compression without compromising movement.