Kobo Neoprene Finger Support (Black) (4 Pieces)

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These Kobo Finger Supports slip on comfortably to support, compress and protect tender fingers while providing healing warmth. Shields knuckles and joints from sports injuries too. Stretch fit, won't slip off even when fingers are active. Suitable for men and women.                                                                                                                                                                        Versatile Application
1. Serve as finger grip aide or cushion pressure in sports like basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, golf, cricket, boating, fishing etc.
2. Provide finger support or protection for rehabilitation, like arthritis, tendinitis, swollen finger, trigger finger.

Pro Function
1. Wearing this finger splint set can immensely improve finger grips like finger tapes does but more flexible and comfortable.
2. It helps cushion impact pressure in fierce sports competition or training, especially for basketball players.
3. It's integrated structure limits fingers from frequently movements and provides proper flexibility and support to protect injured fingers.

Comfortable Wear
This finger protection brace set is made of composited material.
A small stitching inside the sleeves. You can wear inside out if need.