Kobo Neoprene Thumb & Wrist Support (Black)

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When it comes to proper wrist support that enhances your performance at the gym, nothing comes close to Kobo Neoprene Thumb & Wrist Support. This wrist strap is designed to give PROTECTION LEVEL I for tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis, mild wrist pain, sprains or a weak wrist. This support offer compression and therapeutic heat retention to relieve pain and help healing. The design of this support is such that it traps body heat that promotes healing. Also the compression and support offered by these is unparalleled, and will make it easy to lift heavier weights. This neoprene support provides a comfortable fit with a neoprene blend construction and features a single thumb hole allowing for perfect grip and simply wraps around the wrist, held in place with a touch and close finish. One size fits all. Kobo Wrist support can be used to apply adjustable compression and support around the wrist. It can help to manage pain caused by joint or tendon overuse in the wrist or thumb. It helps with strain caused by repetitive wrist movements such as occupational and sporting activities. The durable, heat therapeutic neoprene helps provide warmth and support to muscles and joints to aid weak, injured or arthritic wrists. Available in universal size and black colour.