Kobo ProLifting 50 mm Aluminium Olympic Barbell Rod Collars Set of 2 (Blue)

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Kobo 50mm Olympic Barbell Collars Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum. New and exclusive barbell collars sold by Kobo, made from aircraft-grade aluminum to give a unique look and super strong hold on the bar. Our barbell collars are sold in pairs and have a superior grip over plastic barbell collars. This is down to a rubberized lining to grip and protect the bar, the grip pad runs the entire length of the inside of the collar where plastic collars only have two gripping points. Specifications: Designed to be used on 50mm Olympic Barbells or Dumbbells. Superior grip over plastic collars. Rubberized lining to grip and protect the bar. Quick release locking lever for secure hold and ease of removal. These are the must have barbell collars for crossfit, powerlifting and repeated high-impact drops. Whether you like to drop or throw your barbell after a lift these collars will remain stable and in place. Securely hold your weights when performing any olympic bar workout. How To Use : Open the lever until it clicks, it will then stay open to easily slide on and off the bar. While the collars are on the bar open the lever to roughly a 12 o clock position and adjust as required. Long lasting collar care: When our collars are clamped to a bar they are as strong as steel, but aluminum will bend when off the bar. Good practice is to avoid dropping, kicking or just chucking them in the box of other gym accessories. If the rubber lining gets sticky chalk it up. If the rubber gets dirty clean it with a wet cloth. Forget stiff and hard to open spring collars click order now for superior collars.