KOBO Resistance Thera Tube / Tonning tube / Resistance Bands Tube

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Keeping yourself fit and toned is not only essential to look good but also to maintain good health. The kobo resistance tube has been designed to help you make tone and strengthen your body with the help of a variety of exercises. D shaped handles, this tube allows you to hold the resistance tube comfortably and conveniently. These handles let you practice various exercises with much ease. Features these tubes are generally made of heavy-duty latex rubber and have plastic handles at each end for gripping and hooking for upper and lower body workouts. They are available at 3 different levels of resistance. Kobo tubes generally last longer than other brands tubes , as the thicker tubing is more resistant to wear and tear.

. Adjustable length.

. Long tasting tube material.

. D shape handle for comfortable holding.

. In-Box Contents: 1 Tonning Tube