Kobo Thick Bar Grips Blue

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Bigger Strength Gains and Bigger Muscles! Strength athletes have known for a long time about the benefit of using thick bars to increase their strength and size and with Shark Grips you can easily convert any barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell into a thick grip bar in seconds. Thick bars stimulate much more muscle fibers in the hands, forearms, upper arms and whole upper body leading to bigger gains and bigger muscles. Our Customers have been experiencing phenomenal results in their workouts and body, now it's time for you to enjoy the same benefits. Benefits of Kobo Grips: Increased muscle size and strength - A thicker handle boosts your muscle stimulation which translates to bigger muscle mass and strength in your forearms, hands and the entire upper body. Build your grip strength - Having a thicker grip will build your forearm strength automatically which will increase the power of your grip. Less imbalances and injuries - Reduces joint pain by shifting stress off the joints by spreading the weight across a larger surface area and onto the muscles and relieves stress and pressure on wrists, hands, and fingers. The unique design of Shark Grips puts you into a neutral grip position, which is proven to reduce elbow strain. Travel friendly - Our grips fit easily in your luggage so you can get a great workout even when you are traveling. Size: Length: 4 inches. Outer Diameter: 2 inches. Inner Diameter: 1 inch . What are they made out of? Our grips are made of 100% food grade silicone, so they are safe and non-toxic and are virtually indestructible even with the toughest workouts.