Kobo TM-304 Motorized Treadmill 3 H.P Peak Multi Function with 3 Level Incline

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  • Rs. 33,999

A Treadmill is the most popular and one of the most used of all indoor aerobic fitness equipment. It’s an easy & affordable way to get a great cardiovascular workout at home regardless of the weather or time of day. Whether you are an athlete, a beginner or a patient advised to run to lose weight, Kobo TM-304 is very comfortable and safe to run on. Kobo TM-304 is very easy to self-assemble using the installation manual present in the packaging box and takes less than an 30 minutes to assemble the entire treadmill. The assembly manual demonstrates step by step installation process & various functions of the treadmill. This model has wide Running surface of 450 mm x 1200 mm. The motor is of 3 H.P peak. It also has Electric Massager and 1 Pair of Dumbbells (2 LBS x 2 = 4 LBS). For further details on the treadmill please contact us below :

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