Kobo Weight Lifting Fitness Grip Pads

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Tired of having to stop sets because the bar is slipping or your hands are aching from friction? With grip power pads rubber lifting grips, you can protect your palms and strengthen your grip, so you can work out harder and longer. Kobo grip power pads rubber lifting grips are the perfect alternative to annoying lifting gloves that make it hard to move and messy chalk that most gyms won't let you use. The grips are 5-inch by 4-inch rubber pads that you place over your palms before you grab the bar. Due to their flexible design, the lifting grips wrap around the bar with your hand for a comfortable fit. With their specially designed non-slip texture, grip power pads rubber lifting grips keep your hands from slipping and sliding when you're holding onto weights. You can use them with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and nautilus machines with equal ease. Not only do the grip pads prevent slippage, but they also cushion the palm of your hand. As a result, they provide protection from blistering and diminish the pain that can lead you to giving up on your exercises early. Constructed to last through thousands of workouts, grip power pads rubber lifting grips are ideal for men or women. The pads are latex-free to protect sensitive skin and those with allergies. Use them for - bodybuilding, athletic training, powerlifting, deadlifting, cross fit and all other types of weightlifting whether you use them at home or at the gym, grip power pads rubber lifting grips will eliminate distractions and allow you to focus fully on your form. They'll truly change the way you workout for the better. Get more out of every rep and keep your hands safe and protected. Order grip power pads rubber lifting grips now.


.Thick rubber grip.

.4mm neoprene padded.

.Four finger support.

.Firm and stronger grip.

.Professional gym support.

.In-Box Contents: 1 Pair Weight Lifting Grip