Kobo WTA-20 Power Head Harness Nylon Gym Neck Training Padded Straps / Weight Hooks Wraps Home Gyms

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The ultimate Kobo head harness neck training equipment, designed for increasing strength and muscle definition in the neck area. Sufficient neck musculature not only supports the spine and improves posture, but it's also an important target zone for bodybuilding. Boost your workouts using our head harness with chain and benefit from the triple layer padding for amazing shock resistance, soft polyester lining for comfort, high grade steel chains for indestructibility, and the adjustable strap for the perfect fit. Cut from the toughest neoprene fabric around, this neck harness will withstand all the burdens of weight lifting and bodybuilder training.

.Deluxe Quality Nylon.

.4 D-Rings Chrome Steel.

.Adjustable Head Straps.

.Workout Neck & Back

.Heavy Duty