Kobo WTG-16 Professional Gym Gloves For Fitness / Functional Training Hand Protector

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Introducing the future of Bodybuilding. Edgy and modernistic in design, these Weight Lifting gym gloves with Leather grip digitally processed offers the perfect blend between durability and efficiency. Beat calluses, bad hygiene and bad lifting technique. Breathable Amara fabric with 4-way stretch hugs the hand comfortably to wick away moisture. Blacktop sponge fabric on the fingers provide cushioning against weighted pressure. The half-finger cut design ensures moisture ventilation and ensures a vice grip over the rod, bar or weight of your choice.

If you are a serious weight lifter, you know how important protecting hands and wrist is. Heavy weights can crush the small bones and tendons in hands, cause hand and wrist arthritis, and tear up hands. A good pair of supportive lifting gloves is key to getting the most out of every workout. These Kobo Gloves feature an awesome combination of wrist support and leather grip enhancing which protects palms and allows you to keep your hands and wrist healthy while lifting to your potential. These Gloves protect hands without the bulk baggy fit of traditional lifting gloves, they are also easy to take on and off after workouts.

Perfect your lifts today, pick up a pair of these weight lifting gloves!

Comes in 4 Sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)