Kobo Yoga Strap 7.5 feet Length For Safe, Perfect & Challenging Yoga Posture - Black Exercise & Fitness

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A common use of Yoga Strap is to help with challenging stretches. You can extend your reach without sacrificing good posture. It provides the length that enables you to grasp limbs beyond your reach as well as bind your limbs in a desired position. It provides you the length so that you can grasp arms, legs, hands or feet that are too far away, enabling you to achieve postures you couldn't reach before. It also helps you hold your limbs in right place and position while you perform postures. Yoga Straps help the student/practitioner in two ways: - Giving a little extra bit of length and leverage - Support body in various postures.

.Enhancing warm ups.

.Assisting with challenging poses.

.Deepening stretches.

.Improving flexibility.

.Strengthening and toning muscles.

.Assisting with physical rehabilitation.

.Working your arms, legs, shoulders, back, and more.

.Cotton, Washable, Easy to use D-Ring Buckle.

.Length:7.5 Feet,Width:2.10 inch.

.Instructions: Do not bleach.