Kobo Yoga Wheel For Backbends And Flexibility - Back, Hip, Chest And Shoulder Pain Relief (Turquoise/Black)

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Kobo high strength yoga wheel originally used to help develop spinal flexibility and assist with back bends, yoga wheels are now being used in hundreds of different ways! Use your yoga wheel to... Stretch and open the chest, shoulders, back, hips and psoas release muscle tension build core and back strength improve balance increase spine flexibility assist or challenge in hundreds of yoga poses take your back bends to the next level assist roll to improve transition to headstand or handstand add fun to your yoga practice the kobo yoga wheel is... Light weight durable comfortable safe stable portable.

.13 inches diameter.

.5 inches width

. 3/4 inches thick.

.Extra strong and durable.

.Comfortable padding.

.In-Box Contents: 1 Yoga Wheel